Building Awareness of Sarcoma and Supporting Sarcoma Patients

Sarcoma is a rare cancer that doesn’t get a lot of research money or attention. Here are some facts about sarcoma, which is commonly referred to as a “forgotten disease.”


  • There are two types. The first is soft tissue sarcoma and the second is bone sarcoma. There are 50+ sarcoma sub types  The areas that soft tissue sarcomas develop include deep skin tissues, joints, fat, muscles, nerves and blood vessels. Bone sarcomas develop in bone and cartilage.


  • According to the American Cancer Society, about 12,000, or 2% of all new cancers, are diagnosed in the United States each year as sarcoma with approximately 5,000 people expected to die from the disease each year.


  • Sarcoma is much more common in children. It represents 15% of all childhood cancers and about 1% of all adult cancers.


  • Rates of occurrence remain constant. From the early 1980′s to today, bone sarcoma and soft tissue sarcoma incidence rates have remained fairly steady. One notable difference is soft tissue sarcoma is more deadly. This could be due to the fact that a shortage of specific symptoms can postpone a soft tissue sarcoma diagnosis.


The Eric D. Davis Sarcoma Foundation (EDDF) was established in 2012 by Eric’s family and friends in his honor and memory. Eric lost a bravely fought battle with sarcoma in October 2011. EDDF is a 501 (c) (3) organization based in Mesquite, Texas, dedicated to finding a cure for sarcoma by increasing public awareness, funding sarcoma research, and providing support for adults with sarcoma and their families through financial assistance, education and advocacy.


EDDF offers a wide range of resources for adult sarcoma patients and their families both online and through initiatives, such as the Provide The Assist Fund. This fund offers much needed financial assistance for sarcoma patients in active treatment.  Provide the Assist grants may also be awarded to adults in active treatment for other rare cancers.  Rare cancers are defined as cancers affecting 200,000 or less Americans.

Grants help cover the costs for:

  • transportation (airfare, tolls, car rental, gas, taxi service)
  • lodging during treatments
  • meals during treatments
  • childcare during treatment


In 2013 EDDF also launched a 50/50 campaign to symbolize their commitment to positively impacting the lives of adults facing a sarcoma diagnosis.  This comprehensive approach includes a focus on financial assistance, increased awareness and sarcoma research. Supporters are urged to take the 50/50 pledge on


Join EDDF co-founders and board members Zanetta Davis (the wife of Eric Davis) and Nia Davis (the daughter of Eric Davis) on 5/14/13 at 8pm ET at They will be guests of Treatment Diaries’ weekly #TreatDiariesChat and will share information about sarcoma, their personal stories and how you can help support the work of EDDF.