Psychiatric and Elderly Care Management – Mental Health Awareness Month

Where do you go when you life is unraveling? Isolated, stigmatized and with a lack of options, often, people with mental illness are unsure. On May 28 at 8 pm EST, Koved Care, a psychiatric and elderly care management company, CEO Steve Horen will be participating in a Twitter chat to answer questions and provide the necessary resources one might need in order to successfully navigate their life and mental illness.

Some of the topics that will be discussed include; the importance of creating and maintaining a schedule, taking medication in accordance with doctors prescriptions and how to overcome and manage incidents that could act as a trigger for an episode. The twitter chat will also cover different medical treatments, and all the options available to keep your loved ones included in the treatment process. Steve hopes that this twitter chat will allow individuals to open up about their mental health issues and seek solutions to their problems in a relaxed environment.

Koved Care is a care management company that specializes in psychiatric, Addiction Recovery and Geriatric patient services. Koved Care provides specialized care suited to each individual so that he/she can get the most out of each day. The company believes that one can benefit from having a health care advocate who understands their disease processes, and can coordinate care in the most effective way. The main focus at Koved Care is always quality care, because the patient and their illness is the top priority. Each patient is assigned the same staff member over a long period of time, so that he/she may be familiar with their patients background and medical history and to prevent miscommunication between different Staff. Each staff member at Koved Care goes through an extensive background check, to ensure that each care provider hired at Koved Care has the required training and experience before being considered for a job with us.