Why Talking About Death Is Crucial

grief deathWhy is talking about the loss of a loved one vital to continuing your life after their death?

Your relationship with the person you lost holds 100% of what your life looks and feels like after their death. The loss of a professional acquaintance or distant cousin is experienced differently than the loss of a spouse or child. Again, different types of loss shape your life’s breath for weeks, months, years or decades.

How do you compare not walking your child down the aisle or not growing old with your spouse after all the hard work has been accomplished, to not seeing a distant cousin at an occasional Christmas?

Loss is never easy, but the degree in which we must pick up our pieces varies tremendously. There are some losses that recovery is not a word to be used. It is rather learning how to live in a world that is without them.

Therefore, talking about the pain — no matter what the degree, becomes vital to the process of surviving the depth in which you are swimming.

We are wounded by loss. We survive by leaning on love that is left for us in the world.

Look for it. Listen for it. Remain still and lean into it. Love causes our pain – love heals our pain.

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